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F9 Team Annual Membership: This membership pays for one year of benefits within the F9 TEAM program.

How to Become a Member of the F9 Rust Removal TEAM... and Reap the Rewards of our Rust Removal Marketing Program.

Make Sure to Fill Out the Website Listing Agreement and Fax this With Your Proof of 1 Case Purchase to 480-393-5094. Then Click on the “F9 Online Applicator Form” at the Bottom of This Page and Fill Out the Boxes to Get Listed into the Online Applicator Finder.


You’ve heard a lot about the Best Rust Remover, F9 BARC. For those of you who are on the fence, you are missing out BIG TIME! FREE leads are being generated every day resulting in lots of profit in this highly paid niche business.

What are you waiting for? We designed this for YOU, the POWER WASHING, WINDOW WASHING and MAINTENANCE COMPANIES! Professional Rust Removal with F9 BARC Concrete Rust Removal can easily DOUBLE YOUR INCOME. Add this service to your existing business or make it a business by itself!

F9 Training: How Do I Become An Authorized F9 Applicator?

Front 9 Restoration offers a free listing of your company on our website. We will list your business information, link up to 10 of your web pages and include a rust removal video if you choose to make one.


  1. Rust and battery stain removal is a highly-paid niche that F9 BARC fulfills.
  2. There is no better product on the market and rust removal can be a business in itself.
  3. Rust removal can get your business new accounts, more work and higher profits.
  4. Orange battery stain removal and networking with golf cart dealers is a new niche business that F9 BARC makes possible.
  5. F9 BARC offers one solution for uniform and predictable results.
  6. F9 BARC will not harm plants, grass or vegetation


  1. Become a member of our Elite National Rust Removal Force, The F9 TEAM!
  2. Obtain LEADS through our Website. By obtaining a business listing on our Professional Rust Removal page, your business will have the ability to receive HOT LEADS through Front9Restoration.com. Once a customer arrives on at the F9 Website our web pages educate them of the various hazards that accompany an acid type restoration. Our goal is to prevent damage on concrete and keep our customers healthy. Preservation Restoration is the name of the game and your goal as a restoration contractor with F9.
  3. Front 9 Restoration is on the FIRST PAGE of many internet search results that are rust related. This is not by accident. Front 9 has a built a solid product and are heavily optimized for premium web search results. Customers find us by looking for a product, then find YOU.
  4. Your business will have instant credibility and web presence for rust related services. We have many property managers ask contractors if they use F9 BARC and only want a contractor who uses F9 BARC for their particular restoration job.
  5. By cross-linking our keywords and by Front 9 linking your web pages, your Search Engine Rankings will increase straight to the top for rust removal.
  6. If you choose to make a rust removal video, we will embed this into your listing. You will come up more quickly in search engines. This means better visibility and more leads.
  7. List up to 10 cities in your F9 listing to use as your keywords for your services
  8. Free training via phone, text and email. TEXT PREFERRED.

Qualifications and Rules:

  1. Contractor must purchase 1 case of F9 BARC along with F9 TEAM membership.
  2. Contractor must be in the business of professional power washing, concrete restoration, window washing or maintenance business.
  3. Contractor must have professional power washing equipment and surface cleaner. This consists of a gas-powered commercial grade power washer and a rotary surface cleaner. This equipment is needed for preparation of fertilizer stain and battery acid stain removal.
  4. Contractor has a website and agrees to publish a “Professional Rust Removal” page. On this page he must link a minimum of 3 keywords over to various web pages on the Front 9 Restoration website.
  5. Contractor must be active in using F9 for rust removal and restoration jobs.

Cost: The cost for the F9 Team program and all it’s benefits is $FREE!

By signing below, contractor agrees that he meets the qualifications of the F9 Authorized Applicator Program and will abide by the rules listed above. This agreement is contingent on approval by the F9 TEAM. Front 9 Restoration, Inc. reserves the right to place listings where needed and make changes to our Authorized Applicator program at any time.

Please print legibly as this will be used in your website listing.

Print Name: _________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________

Business name: _________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

Date: __________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________________

Fax: __________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________

Website URL: __________________________________________

Here is my list of up to 10 cities I would like listed on the Front 9 Website:

1. 6.

2. 7.

3. 8.

4. 9.

5. 10.

Please show proof of case purchase, fill out form and fax back to 480-393-5094

If you need assistance, please call 1 (855) 803-1133

CLICK HERE to proceed to the online F9 Applicator Form

Please FAX Your Website Listing Agreement or EMAIL proof of 1 case purchase to:

Fax: 480-393-5094

Email: Craig@Front9Restoration.com

If you need assistance, please call 1 (855) 803-1133

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