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WW-3000PR – Pressure Regulated Whisper Wash 19 inch Classic EXTREME DUTY Surface Cleaner
WW-3000PR – Pressure Regulated Whisper Wash 19 inch Classic EXTREME DUTY Surface Cleaner

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Our Price: $1,199.00

Product Code: F9WW-3000


WW-3000PR Whisper Wash 19 inch Classic EXTREME DUTY Surface Cleaner with Pressure Regulator! Includes new features: Pressure Regulator allows user to micro-adjust pressure to clean virtually any type of surface without damage. Bleed water and pressure is plumbed to under the surface cleaner shroud so no stress on engine by restriction. All water from pressure washer can still be used as total cleaning units under surface cleaner. Includes Pressure Gauge. Aluminum cover for extreme duty service and added weight when using higher GPM machines, 2 Spray bar sleeves for longer spray bar life. The WW3000PR Classic Extreme Duty 19 inch Whisper Wash Surface Cleaner is the perfect accessory to your pressure cleaner if your regular cleaning jobs include: patios, pool decks, parking lots and other large flat surfaces. The ability to micro-adjust your water pressure gives user the ability to clean pressure sensitive surfaces. The Whisper Classic is less tiring for the operator and provides more safety through its ergonomic design. The signature green Whisper Wash swivel allows the Classic to work with either a 2-tip or 4-tip spray bar & eliminates zebra striping.


    • Pressure Regulator
    • Bleed Pressure and Water runs through 2nd hose down into surface cleaner shroud
    • Pressure Gauge
    • Heavy Duty Aluminum Cover
    • (2) Spray Bar Nozzle Sleeves for longer spray bar life
    • Standard 2-tip spray bar nozzles: 2502
    • Cleans 19 inches at once
    • Easy Transport & Storage
    • Portable Breakaway Handle
    • Quick Connection
    • Trigger Gun Controlled
    • Balanced & Machined Spray Bar
    • Hot & Cold Water Applications
    • Weighs only 22 lbs

If you want to STOP ETCHING CONCRETE and other surfaces, then this setup is a must! We’ve been incorporating this exact setup since 1999 and have decided to get some made for you to buy. Once you try and use this, you’ll never go back. Not having one of these in your arsenal is like having a car that only goes one speed… but instead of a ticket, you will end up etching concrete and May cost you THOUSANDS to repair or replace!

You might say, why not just use a ball valve? Well, terrible for micro-adjusting your pressure. Plus, they are harder on your engine and don’t let you use all of the cleaning units (GPM) of your machine. With the pressure regulator, the bleed pressure and water is redirected to under the surface cleaner. Much more precise, easier and faster to use. Clean ANY surface and concrete of ANY age when you can adjust your pressure to clean without damage.

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